Celebrate History With The Maine Beaches Bicentennial Coin

2020 will no doubt be remembered for a lot of (sometimes not so very good) things but in the midst of it all, Maine turned 200 on March 15th. While celebrations of this milestone have been curtailed (for now) because of Covid 19 related restrictions, the Maine Beaches has produced a beautiful commemorative coin to honor the bicentennial. This high-quality coin, with a four color image of our own Nubble Lighthouse on the front, is available for $10 (plus shipping and handling) and makes a wonderful keepsake for our fans, friends and visitors.

As we move past this crisis, the Maine Beaches Bicentennial Coin can also be used to unlock special deals and discounts related to our Maine Beaches 200 in 200 Challenge, which we’ll also relaunch once the waters are calm once again.

Until then, be safe, be well and we’ll be here when this is all over!