Maine Lobster Dinner

Who needs a fork (or spoon for that matter)? Why stand on propriety when you are on vacation? The four Maine vacation food favorites—lobster rolls, fried clams, french fries, and ice cream—can all be enjoyed out-of-hand. Kidding aside, even a beach hut slinging burgers and pizza is a surprisingly tasty choice.

Take a trip along the Lobster Roll Trail around the Kennebunks—a 20-restaurant tour of the town’s best lobster roll spots. Whether straight-up on a buttered top-loader or with mayo on a roll, this tasty crustacean creation is one of Maine’s most popular sandwiches, found on virtually every single menu across the region. Sample widely and often.

The Maine Beaches is a great place to put your diet on hold for a doughnut (or maybe one dozen). For some joe to go choose a local coffee shop because, even if the beans come from away, the roaster has turned those green beans into a tasty cup of coffee right here. Indulge in old-world, artisan bread and wood-fired pizza fresh every day. A diner makes a great way to feed people who don’t agree on what to eat. 

Award-winning cuisine has been part of the scenery in this part of the state for decades. It’s not hard to find great places to enjoy a sit-down meal. It’s all a matter of where you are and what you are in the mood to eat.

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Looking for a place to eat? Follow these links for dining information in each of these communities:
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